Welcome to Loode – take a trip to West Estonia!

For hundreds of years, Saaremaa has been a popular resort area. The interesting history and adventurous present day have something to offer for everyone’s liking. Fascinating and well preserved nature, interesting sights, the Baltic Sea and beautiful, varied beaches.

The Loode tourism farm in Kuralase village is located on the Tagamõisa peninsula, West Saaremaa. Here you can enjoy the silence of an extraordinarily peaceful place. In the farm with the soul of the 19th century, one is surrounded only by the voices of domestic as well wild animals and birds. You can indulge yourself either in a Finnish or in an authentic Saaremaa smoke sauna, and sleep in the thatched log-houses, the oldest of which was built in 1779. It is possible to eat smoked fish and to enjoy a campfire with an accordion accompaniment or to enjoy horseback ride with your children in the neighboring village.

The area is rich of herbs and orchidaceouses. The Vilsandi island “state of birds” lies only half an hour boat trip away, or you can walk there through the sea and isles. The beautiful and rich scenery with a variable coastline invites you to spend your holidays here.

The spring water, the pure farm food and the archaic environment of the surroundings will surely have a soothing effect on you and your family. Enjoy the historic smoke sauna and it’s mild steam.

Lodging is in the historical log cabins, 14 people and in the main building. In all, there are 9 rooms and 34 beds. In the main building there is also a dining room with a fireplace made of stones.

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