Smoke sauna like Saaremaa

A smoke sauna is a traditional Estonian sauna that has been used for centuries. The sauna of Loode talu was originally built in 1890. It consists of two parts: the parang or front room, where the forge is also located, and the steam room. The steam room and the laundry room were together. The steam room was completely restored in 1993. The walls and ceiling of the sauna are made from the logs of the old hayloft. The floor is made of limestone, which are placed on a sand cushion. The roof of the sauna is made of rooftiles that are several hundred years old.

Heating a sauna is a separate process, just like going to a sauna. In summer, heating the sauna takes 5-6 hours. It is heated only with aspen wood or black alder, so that the heater stones do not get tar, which in turn creates a whine. Aspen and alder, on the other hand, keep the heater stones clean of excess soot. When the trees are burned, the coals are removed from steam room and the first steam is released. The sauna is then allowed to breathe for about one hour, the bench is washed and the sauna is ready.

Before going to the sauna, we also talk about how to feel good there. The heat in the steam room is only 60-70°C, but if you sit there for a long time, it makes the bones and joints very soft. There is a cold water barrel next to the sauna’s front door, where you can cool off if you wish. There is both warm and cold water inside the sauna. We also craft sauna whisk from juniper or birch wood, which is made only from selected branches.